Monday, January 12, 2009

Free Domain Name Setting

Free Domain Name CO.CC:Free Domain

Register a free domain name for your or any url, no wonder for personal or office use is also a good choice to get it free from here.

If you needs a domain name for your personal or test use, this free domain name service can help

Choose a name

Make sure the domain name you choose is avalaible

If the domain name that you choose (as above ), there is shows that needs to pay registration fee, then you have to choose from list below or choose or think another domain name.

Picture above shows a free domain name, then you can start register it as your domain name.

After that, you must sign up the account for this registration.

You will come into this page, click the 'set up' button to build you domain name for any website.

Choose the third one for URL Forwarding, fill in the information as in the red circle, then click the 'set up' to complete your domain name registration.

As you complete the registration, you will see the picture as above.


CO.CC:Free Domain

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